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  1. No Swearing
  2. No inappropriate words
  3. No inappropriate nick names (Swear words, dirty names)
  4. No inappropriate topics (illegal substances like drugs)
  5. No sex related topics in chat rooms or in person to person chats
  6. No dirty subjects (including hinting at dirty subjects)
  7. Absolutely No Advertising (especially for other chats sites)
  8. Be kind to other users
  9. No excessive caps (no more than one word per sentence in caps)
  10. No criticizing or bashing any religions
  11. Use only English in all rooms except International
  12. No repeat sentences
  13. Obey all moderators whether you agree with them or not. If you think you have been treated unfairly, you may contact the head moderator at (note: emails sent to this address may not be replied to).
  • Will be kicked for any of these if discontinuation of the offence does not occure after being warned.
  • Will be banned after more offenses